How to Make the Stickiest Content Possible

Heather Piedmont

When I ask people what is the hardest thing about writing they say one of two things: Beginning a draft and editing it.  Although the earlier is a well known challenge, I have noticed the latter is even larger. Once one puts an idea on paper, it is hard to figure out what to take away from it in order to actually make it better.  This is going to be the focus this week.

Three Ways to Hone Your Content

Walk Away

            After completing the first paragraph, take an hour and do something else.  Put your mind on another objective before you even review one word.  This both gives your mind a break and allows your mind to look at the content with new eyes.  The time away should be at least one hour and should involve not one thought about the content.  If you review any aspect of…

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101 Must Read Books for PR and Communications Professionals

Communication is King


We are witnessing lately a burst in our access to information. Google, Bing, Social Media, Micro Blogging, Digital Media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tumblr, and Pinterest, among others, are allowing us to access actualities, sometimes even before they occur.

In the midst of this remarkable digital information age, the questions that I have been asking myself lately are:  are we becoming more knowledgeable?; Is the access to such a massive flow of information enhancing our intellectual abilities?; Are we becoming better critical thinkers due to the fact that any information we seek is one Google away?

Irrelevant to what is my stand concerning the above questions, I have a genuine belief that in our quest to be informed, we are finding little time to seek knowledge; Knowledge that is formed through getting exposed to the minds of acclaimed authors (in this case in the field of PR and Communications), reflecting…

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When “Telephone” Isn’t A PR Person’s Best Friend

Andy Shane

ImageShow of hands. Who remembers the game telephone? You know, a group of people whisper in the ear of the person next to them whatever a different person whispered in their ear. Invariably, by the time the last person repeats – out loud – what the first person said, it is very wrong.

Whether the saying was difficult to remember, someone heard it wrong, intentionally said it wrong or wasn’t paying that much attention to begin with, the message started with ends up very different from what the last person said. The game was always good for a few laughs.

There is an adult version of telephone going on these days, however I don’t think it is very funny. This version features many more people and the ramifications for getting it wrong are no laughing matter.

In this game, when news happens some less than “calling it down the middle”…

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Interview with Mandi Bateson, Head of Social at Mindshare

that PR dude

This week we have Mandi Bateson, Head of Social at Mindshare, discussing her career path, her creative process for coming up and executing ideas, technology trends and skills that are becoming increasingly important for marketers.

Mandi 2012

1. To kick things off, can you tell us a little about yourself and provide a quick overview of your career to date?

I started working as a marketing and events coordinator during a 2 year stint in England in the early 00s. After a few years working in a multitude of B2B marketing communications roles, I was adamant that I would a) never specialise and b) never work for an agency. And yet here I am, loving agency life and in one of the more niche marketing areas in the industry.

I love that I started my career in B2B – I’ve set up forums for real estate software beta testers, created communities of…

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